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3-22-2018 11:22 am

Since the school has changed names and management I can see a more positive difference. I am just hoping you will be around for the next two years!

Best Care    by evan, 06-20-2017

This is definitely the best school for youngsters in Middletown. My daughter started there at 18 months after staying home with me and her father ( who both work at home) since she was born. She was very cautious and tended to be scared of other children/new situatuins. I picked Gem because I liked the class size and the teachers from the moment I visited. Since she has begun my daughter has become a real social butterfly. No longer does she cling to her father in new situations - she embraces new kids and loves playing with them! I attribute all of that to Gems attention to her. She LOVES going there too - in fact, on days she doesn't go she will cry to leave if she sees her school bag. Snacks are provided at the school, although you bring your own lunch. The school is awesome in that they bring guests very often to visit with kids. My daughter has done Yoga, had a visit from the zoo, visits from museums, learned more sign language and words in Spanish. This is all before 2 years old! I also like the security at the school - you can't even get into the building without a fingerprint reader. The owner and staff have given us a lot of personal attention as well, which is so refreshing. I really feel like my daughter is valued there. Each report I get at the end of the day includes something fun she did that day - and each day its very different. Do not HESITATE for an instant to put your child into Gem. 

Jennifer N Vince Camponelli reviewed The GEM School--5 star April 5, 2017

Very impressed! The facility is clean, bright and everyone is so friendly. It is also very structured and they capture every detail of my son's day including meals and nap time online. They are also up to date with technology and have cameras including excellent security. You can download the app and check on your child throughout the day. We love it here. 


I absolutely love the Gem School! I love how my child is greeted everyday by name. I love what his teachers are doing with him. Since he started at the school he is more outgoing, he is learning so much, and his personality is shining through! Keep up the amazing work!

Eric Sweetman Love this school mu son goes here great staff and teachers

3-26-18 6:27 am

Love the teachers in infant room

Hina- reviewed The GEM School--June 22, 2017

My kids are so happy to go to gem. So do I. I will recommend this school to anyone with no hesitation. 

Robert H Wilson My boys go to GEM... I couldn't recommend them enough. They are kind, courteous and more than willing to answer an of mu questions I have regarding mu children. Plus highly accommodating towards my kids unusual schedule.